3 Altcoins Predicted to Knock Expectations in Q3 of This Year

Here are three crypto coins to watch out for in the third quarter of 2021.



7/23/20211 min read

Most cryptocurrencies have yet to gather enough volume to resume their bullish momentum. On the other hand, analysts examined a few coins' charts, which led to some optimistic predictions. As a result, here are three crypto coins to watch out for in the third quarter of this year. 


ADA appears to have recently stabilized following the recent storm; as a result, analysts expect the coin to experience a sideways price movement - if the resistance line breaks and the price closes above it, the volume should increase, and a persistent uptrend should emerge. 


At the end of last month, ONT closed below the $0.8000 support level; this break is attributed to BTC's similar movements, which caused the prices of other coins to fall. As a result, the coin's resistance line is now the center of attention - analysts expect it to move temporarily into a squeeze under this area in the coming days as it seeks a foundation to break through that resistance line and continue on its bullish path. 


Stellar is one of the best-performing crypto coins on the market, and it's been praised for its excellent track record when it comes to its team's constant development and updates. XLM has maintained its relevance, bouncing off the $0.2200 support, which is a significant step. The price of the coin is expected to settle into a neutral pattern, and if that range holds, the XLM will be in an excellent position to break through the $0.3500 barrier and resume its upward trend.


While these coins are expected to perform well, keeping an eye on BTC's progress is always a good idea. All these price charts appear to be following the overall uptrend of the crypto coin, except that they move faster and have a higher ROI.